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Hey there! Welcome to "Mel Wrote It."

Your Awards HYPE-WOMAN for hire, who can find, write and manage all your business award submissions!


Consider this space your buddy guide to the wild world of awards.


Whether you're dipping your toes into the awards scene for the first time or you've been around the block a few times, I've got your back.


From the latest scoop on award programs and those sneaky deadlines you don’t want to miss to my tips and tricks (gleaned from my days as both an Awards Copywriter and a global award Judge) - I've laid it all out here for you.


You know, awards can feel like this big, daunting universe sometimes. And that's where "Mel Wrote It" steps in.


My goal? Strip away the jargon and make the whole awards thing feel like a chat over coffee. Every brand, big or small, deserves its time in the spotlight, and I want to help you grab yours.


So, get comfy, explore, and make your brand shine together.


Remember, awards aren't just about shiny trophies – they're door openers.


And with a little knowledge from yours truly, you’re on your way to unlocking some cool doors.


Cheers to our award-filled ride together!🏆🎉

Mel xx

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