With ever-increasing competition in your industry, it can be harder for potential clients or customers to gain your trust. If you had to choose between two businesses and one was an award-winning small business, would this give you more confidence in your choice? 

That's the magic of industry awards - they provide community trust and greater confidence in what you're selling, making or providing. 

Add your finalist and winning buttons to your email signature, website, LinkedIn and business cards for instant oomph!


Leverage each milestone with social media and public relations opportunities for added PR goodness such as:

- We've been nominated

- We're finalists

- We're off to the awards

- Wishing our fellow finalists good luck


The confidence you'll gain when this happens is golden- you'll feel a little more confident applying for the next one until you're a multi-award-winning business, baby!

You also get the added value of cross-promotion on my socials:

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Who doesn't love free promo? WINNING!

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The type of awards I can support you with, are legitimate and professional events, the real deal. Ones with integrity and solid judging processes that require written submissions, not just asking your mates to vote for you, even if they've never even visited your store, using your service or even give a shit about your business. 

Awards that require specific eligibility factors and detailed selection criteria, some are pages long and can take hours to complete. If that still sounds like too much work, that's where I come in.

Think of me as your secret weapon and hype woman - you can bask in all the glory, while I do the work and cheer with you as you level up with all the street cred in your industry.


That's the best part - YOU don't have to, that's my role. 

I know what it's like to grow up in Australia, where the 'tall poppy syndrome' stigma is alive (even though it's a bunch of bullshit).

I'll let you in on a secret - I was in your shoes, with the same cynicism and self-doubt just two years ago. I was shit-scared of not being good enough, successful enough, not being in business long enough, you get the picture. That cycle of self-sabotage and comparison to other small business owners was real!

I remember entering my first awards event and the anticipation and nerves between submitting my entry and waiting for the finalist announcement. I was convinced that I didn't have what it took.


The narrative in my head that I wasn't deserving or successful enough grew bigger...until I was named a finalist and went on to place second in my category in the first event I ever entered! - proven by that cheesy ass grin.

Mel with curly purple hair, wearing a black dress, smiling while holding a silver trophy.
Three women holding hands, facing a blue and white striped brick wall.


Girl, that's a limiting belief, but here's my take on it.

I wasn't salty that I didn't come first in my first award because what I gained far outweighed the previous doubts I had (within myself). I'd pushed myself out of my comfort zone, backed myself and the event was a networking goldmine!


The connections and confidence I gained from the process and event, with other business owners were priceless. I'm grateful AF to collab with some lovely friends who are now clients and vice versa. Just think - you could meet your next favourite client, stockist, supplier or business partner on award night!

That's what made it all worthwhile for me, and I hope it does for you too. If you feel like it's time to step out of your comfort zone too, I'm PUMPED to help you take that leap.

You've probably been told all your life to dim your shine, don't stand out, stay in your lane, head down/ass up, be the 'underdog', stay humble etc.


FTS! You work damn HARD. You hustle, you sacrifice, you grind, work overtime and have built something out of nothing - you deserve to be celebrated or at the very LEAST, recognised for all you're doing. 

There are definitely some other award writers who will 'guarantee' you will come first, every time. That's not how I roll and no judgement if that's your vibe and main focus.

Whether you come home with a trophy or a new bestie, business associates or rad memories - it's a win in my eyes!


Yasss, let's get started