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Real talk: Why award wins aren't guaranteed and what my awards copywriting results really look like.


Hello, beautiful souls!

It's your go-to Awards Hype-Woman, Mel Wrote It, bringing you the latest buzz in business accolades! 🎉

Let's dive straight in with a splash of honesty.

Rumours often swirl post-award ceremonies, especially when whispers of behind-the-scenes help surface. The question lingers – does enlisting a seasoned award writer guarantee a win every time?

I'm here to dispel that illusion.

Such myths only brew unrealistic expectations, both for you, the ambitious award contender, and for me, your dedicated Awards Copywriter, to deliver a flawless victory streak.

While I'd revel in seeing you triumph always, it's simply not a promise I can make.

There's no secret formula where an Awards Copywriter equals a guaranteed win. It's akin to the misconception that hiring a top-notch resume writer ensures a job offer from every interview.

Yet, here's the deal.

Partnering with an experienced pro like myself, who has crafted over 140 award entries since 2021, primes you to leave a lasting impression on the judges – much like how a polished CV can make you stand out to potential employers.

Entrusting your award submissions to a specialist isn't about manipulating outcomes – that's not how I roll. It's about time efficiency and gaining a competitive edge, all above board and ethical.

Entrusting your award submissions to a specialist isn't about manipulating outcomes – that's not how I roll. It's about time efficiency and gaining a competitive edge, all above board and ethical.

And remember, legitimate wins can't be bought – so steer clear of those "pay-to-win" traps (more on that in a future post!).


A women in a hot pink blazer and pant suit, standing on a white staired podium in a field of grass.


Recent Award Achievements:

Here’s a sneak peek at the success stories of my clients, whose identities and specific award categories remain confidential to protect their brand integrity.

Check out the remarkable achievements we’ve celebrated together, listed alphabetically by the award program:

Ausmumpreneur Awards

🏆🏆2 x National Winners

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟11 x National Finalists

Two clients have been celebrated as National Winners at the AusMumpreneur Awards, underscoring their exceptional entrepreneurship and contributions to the Australian economy by mums in business.

Additionally, my clients have collectively achieved National Finalist status in 11 award categories, demonstrating their remarkable business prowess and commitment to excellence while challenging traditional stereotypes and juggling parenthood.

Australian Broking Awards

🌟🌟2 x National Finalists

In the competitive broking world, achieving National Finalist status in not one but two categories at the Australian Broking Awards 2023 is a monumental feat! Kudos to my client for their outstanding performance and commitment to excellence in the broking industry!

Australian CFO Awards

🏆 National Winner

A round of applause for my client, who emerged victorious at the Australian CFO Awards! Their financial wizardry and strategic insight have earned them this prestigious accolade, and it's a joy to witness their success, especially as it was their first time entering an award!

Australian Trade Small Business Champion Awards

🏆 National Winner

The victory bells rang loud and clear as one of my clients clinched the Winner's title at the inaugural Australian Trade Small Business Champion Awards! Their exceptional trade and sustainability practices and business acumen have set the bar high, and I'm over the moon to celebrate this victory! 🎉

Australian Women's Small Business Champion Awards

🏆 🏆 2 x National Winners

🌟🌟🌟 3 x National Finalists

The small business world witnessed a beacon of excellence as one of my clients emerged as a National Finalist in the Services Award category at the Australian Women's Small Business Champion Awards! Their dedication and passion for service are truly inspirational!

NSW Tourism Awards

🏆 State Gold Winner

Being named a Golder Winner in the NSW Tourism Awards is a monumental achievement, especially after we pulled it all together in under two weeks [WILD]!

The journey has been exhilarating, and I was on the edge of my seat to see the outcome!

Roar Awards

🏆National Winner

My client has triumphed as a National Winner at the Roar Awards, one of the coolest business accolades in Australia. Celebrating its 4th year, the Roar Awards, judged by an impressive panel of local and international powerhouses, recognize businesses, brands, and individuals making remarkable strides in their respective fields.

Tech Diversity Awards Australia

🏆National Merit Winner

In the realm of technology, one of my clients achieved the illustrious Merit Winner title at the Tech Diversity Awards for the Tech For Good Award! Their innovative approach and commitment to using technology for the greater good have made a difference, and I couldn't be prouder!

Western Sydney Women Awards

🌟 Finalists (winners TBC)

My client has been recognized as a finalist in the Western Sydney Women Awards, a unique program that honours women and leaders from all walks of life across Western Sydney, NSW. This accolade is particularly significant as it is the only awards program in the region that is free to enter and attend, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all women in Western Sydney.


Two women with sunglasses smiling at each other whilst holding champagne glasses.


Embracing Business Awards:

Business awards are not just shiny trophies – they're potent marketing tools that amplify your brand's visibility and authority.

Incorporate them into your annual marketing strategy, like your social media and content efforts, to elevate your personal and professional stature.

Feeling overwhelmed about starting your awards journey? Or perhaps you’re pondering the next steps?

Connect with me, your enthusiastic Awards Hype-Woman, and let's navigate the path to recognising your enterprise merits – all without you shouldering the burden alone.

Mel xx


As a multi-award-winning B2B Awards Copywriter in Australia and a neurodivergent business owner, I've created this info hub (aka blog) for greater accessibility and inclusivity in the business awards space. If there's anything else you'd like me to cover, include or revise, feel free to let me know at or visit


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