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Welcome to the Awards Info Hub, your destination for all things business awards in Australia.

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Welcome to the Awards Info Hub!

Hey there! I'm Mel, the award-winning wordsmith behind Mel Wrote It.

Since our launch in May 2021, we've crafted over 120 entries and supported more than 70 business owners across diverse industries.

One thing I know for sure: using awards as a marketing tool WORKS. If you're new to the awards circuit or want to stay up-to-date with all things business awards in Australia, you've come to the right place.

Who are my awesome clients?

At Mel Wrote It, we work with a diverse range of clients. From pre-revenue start-ups to multi-million dollar companies and everything in between. Most of my clients identify as women with the majority being caregivers of children whilst also running businesses.

Clients include high-achieving lawyers, hard-working tradies, successful restaurateurs, NGO founders, and innovative tech startups. No matter who you are, I've got you covered and will hype you up for your award!

Empowering Women in Business

I take immense pride in supporting women in business. With a 93% success rate, most of my clients have been selected as finalists or winners in their respective award programs.

But I'm not just a copywriter. As a business award judge, published author, and with my corporate admin background, I bring a fresh perspective to every project.

Embracing Neurodiversity

As a proudly neurodivergent individual, I offer ND-friendly meeting options and bring a unique skill set to my work. My knack for pattern recognition and attention to detail ensures your responses are perfectly tailored to the award category you're entering.

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The Perks of Outsourcing

Outsourcing your award entries to Mel Wrote It means more than just saving time. You're increasing your brand's visibility, positioning yourself as an expert, and reducing burnout risk.

With support packages that grow with you, you're not just hiring an award-winning copywriter; you're gaining a dedicated HYPE-WOMAN committed to your success.

With support packages that grow with you, you're not just hiring an award-winning copywriter; you're gaining a dedicated HYPE-WOMAN committed to your success.

A Business Built on Accessibility, Diversity, and Equity

At Mel Wrote It, I value accessibility, diversity, and equity. As a neurodivergent business owner with chronic health considerations, I've designed all meetings and communications to be casual, approachable, inclusive, and manageable.

I'm also passionate about sustainability and conscious business, implementing eco-friendly practices in our home office and promoting local environmental initiatives on the Central Coast, NSW.

My Journey

My career journey has taken me from corporate administration to violence prevention consulting and media advocacy in the domestic violence sector.

I'm also a co-author of Change Makers Vol.3 and the founder of the Hive Village Project, a future org that will provide permanent homes for people and animals impacted by domestic and family violence in regional Australia.

Let's Connect

Ready to become an award-winning brand? Let's chat. You can reach me at +61410161606 or For more information, visit

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