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Winning Awards Made Easy: Outsource to your Awards Hype-Woman, Mel Wrote It

With a proven track record of 93% success in creating award-winning entries, Mel is here to support businesses of all sizes and industries. Say goodbye to burnout, time constraints, and self-promotion anxiety.

Mel Wrote It handles your awards process with expertise and sustainability in mind. Let's explore how accessible, effortless, and rewarding it can be to work with Mel for your next award nomination!

A thin, Asian woman is smiling. She has long, black hair and is sitting in a black hire car with the door open. She is about to exit wearing a long sequin evening gown.

Too burnt out to meet those deadlines?

Are you losing sleep trying to cram your award entries in at the last minute or avoid accepting your nominations because it's all just too much WORK!?

...and not the Rihanna kind of #workworkworkworkworkwork

You know you’ve worked your ass off, but keep running out of time to submit award entries that nail your brand story.

You're busy af (which is great for your biz, but not so great for your sleep).

I hear this ALL. THE. TIME.


Does promoting yourself give you the ick?

Even when you DO have some spare time, you just feel awkward talking yourself up (just stating facts about how damn successful and innovative you are, gives you the ick).

Sound familiar?

Lucky for both of us, crafting award-winning biz entries is my MF jam and I'll happily hype you UP!

"Wait...that’s a thing?" (I hear that often, too). Yep, Awards Copywriting is a real job ha-ha and I love it!


*An Awards Copywriter enters the chat*

I specialize in breaking down barriers for businesses who are neurodivergent (like me), burnt out, time poor or lack confidence in marketing themselves adequately so they can find, enter and win business awards.

By outsourcing your awards process to me, you can focus on what you do best - growing your business, servicing your clients and customers and making a positive impact.

I work with clients of all sizes and industries, from bootstrapping start-up founders to 7-figure multi-business owners, and my inclusive approach ensures a stress-free experience for everyone.

Moreover, I am a sustainable business with paperless processes, energy-saving measures, and support for local environmental initiatives.

Mel Wrote It offers comprehensive support from beginning to end, hassle-free submissions, ongoing updates and advice, and VIP treatment.

By partnering with me, you're not just hiring an award-winning copywriter; you're partnering with a dedicated HYPE-WOMAN committed to your business's success.

Are you ready to cross this year's award entries off your to-do list or delete them from your Asana or Trello board?

Grant yourself permission to outsource

Are you ready to cross this year's award entries off your to-do list or delete them from your Asana or Trello board? YOU CAN DO IT!

Ahh, doesn't that feel fucking good!

That's what I'm here for - so you don't have to do this on your own.

Curious about my process and pricing? check this out.

Mel xx


As a multi-award-winning B2B Awards Copywriter in Australia and a neurodivergent business owner, I've created this info hub (aka blog) for greater accessibility and inclusivity in the business awards space. If there's anything else you'd like me to cover, include or revise, feel free to let me know at or visit


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