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Award writing service

Each package includes: 


  • 1hr Zoom interview with Mel (award interview)

  • Drafting of all compulsory questions

  • Create 1 x supporting material - up to 5-page PDF (if applicable)

  • 2 x rounds of revisions are included for each file

  • Liaising with event hosts in case of tech issues

  • Entry submitted on your behalf (optional)

  • Email confirmation of your submission

How much does it cost to work with an awards writer?

There are so many variables between each awards entries criteria and process:

  • Word count

  • Quantity of questions

  • Supporting files

  • Interview time

  • Number of categories

  • Time until deadline

  • Rush/weekend work

  • ​Any additional revisions

  • Complex submission processes

I'd prefer to tell you the range upfront so you can make an informed decision before requesting a quote. 

Example of work v time behind the scenes:

  • Awards research and admin - 1hr

  • Intro call/correspondence - 30min

  • Onboarding (agreement/invoicing) - 30min

  • Awards Interview 1-2hrs

  • Referring back to transcript/recording - 1hr

  • Drafting time (varies) - 2-6hrs

  • Creating supporting material PDFs in Canva - 2hrs

  • Revisions x 2 rounds - 1hr

  • Proofreading - 30min - 1hr

  • Submitting entries and confirmation - 15min

Final edit/proof service

Alternatively, you can opt for a Final Edit/Proof only of your submission-ready file, and I'll do the final check for $200ea.

Important - This service doesn't include any writing or collating multiple drafts into one award submission; it's purely to do these final checks on your final draft before you submit it:

  • Grammatically correct 

  • Framed correctly to the category

  • Answered all the questions as asked

  • Responses are clear and concise

  • Within word count

If anything is unclear, unfinished, or needs rework, I'll leave comments with suggestions for you.


1 x round of revision is included if you'd like me to recheck it once you've updated your draft.  

Content Writing Projects (EOI)

Waitlist for LinkedIn profiles and content writing services during non-awards season (October 2022 - March 2023).


Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) using the below quote form to be the first in line. 

Award Writing Quote Request

Fully booked until mid-Sep 2022


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