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Award Entry Copywriting
From AUD 995

Onboarding: Let's Get This Party Started 🚀

Are you confused about which award category to choose? Don't sweat it. I'll call or email you to help you find the most appropriate fit.

Once that's sorted, I'll draw up a Project Schedule tailored just for you, highlighting all the key dates and milestones.

And for a smooth, stress-free journey, I'll create a shared Google Drive or Dropbox for us to swap files easily.

Research: I've Got My Detective Hat On 🕵️‍♀️

Data can make or break an award entry, and I'm ready to dig for gold. I'll scrutinize your publicly available info and previous media hits to create a comprehensive Masterfile.

That's not all! I'll do my homework on the award program and past finalists to ensure your entry shines.


All this comes to life in a focused 90-minute phone or Zoom interview where we'll dive into all the nomination questions.

Want to enter multiple categories? More meetings are no problem, and I offer reduced rates for additional categories.

Copywriting: Where Your Story Becomes Star Material 🌠

I'll take your narrative and expertly craft it into an entry that's compelling but irresistible. And because perfection takes time, I offer two revision rounds on every draft.

Submission: I've Got Your Back 📬

Are you pressed for time? I'll handle the nitty-gritty of submitting your award entry.


I've covered it, from copy-pasting approved text to uploading supporting materials.


Once everything is in, you'll get an email confirmation from me faster than you can say, "And the award goes to…"

File Management: Secure Workspace 🗂️

Ever waste time searching for that elusive file? Not on my watch.


I'll provide cloud storage via a shared folder, with plans to upgrade to a user-friendly client portal.

Ongoing Support: You're Never Alone 👯‍♀️

Even after the entry is in, I'm not going anywhere. I'll send you event reminders planning tips, and even prep you for the Judging Panel if you make it to the finalist stage.


Until the awards ceremony, consider me your dedicated point person for all things awards-related.

VIP Treatment 🌟

Join my VIP Email List to snag special rates and get the latest news on upcoming award opportunities. Because winning once is great, but staying a winner? Even better.

The Nitty-Gritty: Because Details Matter 📝

  • Additional revisions are available for AUD 75.00 inc GST per 30 minutes.

  • My service focuses on killer copywriting and ongoing support; no white glove services or retainers.

  • Optional add-ons like supporting materials or extra categories are, well, optional.

  • Extra costs like award entry fees, event tickets, and travel? Those are all for you.


Ready for a collaboration that (hopefully) ends with a shiny trophy?


Let's GO!


Return Clients Repurpose Service

This one's just for you, fabulous return clients! 

At Mel Wrote It, I value your loyalty and continuous pursuit of excellence in the awards circuit. 


I've curated a special offer for subsequent award submissions to keep the magic going.


Special Rates


Enjoy exclusive rates tailored to returning clients diving into new award opportunities with Mel Wrote It. 


We're talking about revisiting those familiar questions, tweaking the details, and elevating your narrative further in line with fresh award categories.


What's in store?


Your experience will mirror our 'Business Award Entry Copywriting Service,' but here's how I fine-tune it for our returning stars:

  • Streamlined Catch-Up: Up to 30 minutes on Zoom or the phone to capture any updated info not previously part of our collaborative journey. It's all about perfecting that entry with fresh, relevant details.

  • Fine-Tuned Writing: I've got your back with focused copywriting, editing, and proofreading aligned with the adjusted scope of your subsequent entry.

  • Repurposing Expertise: I'll repurpose your previous award entry copy and any suitable supporting materials to fit seamlessly into this new venture. That's efficiency and excellence rolled into one.


The same commitment, tailored support.


Rest assured, our commitment to your success remains unwavering. From entry coordination to submission on your behalf and ongoing support, consider it all included in our continuing partnership.


One thing to note


If the new awards criteria take us on a different journey than our previous collaborations, we may need to discuss additional costs to ensure we meet the new demands.


Transparency matters, and I'm here to navigate changes together.


Award Supporting Material [PDF]
From AUD 350

Mel Wrote It has your back regarding those additional materials required for your award entries.


When the awards program asks for supporting material, count on Mel to make the process seamless and complement your written submission with visual evidence for the judges.

What's involved: 


  • Tailored Checklist:  I'll send you a comprehensive checklist outlining the media files needed for submission to supply promptly.

  • Enhancing Your Narrative: I'll review your submitted files and source any relevant publicly available information about your brand.  This additional data will complement and enrich your submission material.

  • Stunning Brand Brochure: As part of our service, I will craft a polished, professional PDF brochure for your brand. Spanning up to 5 pages, this document will precisely meet award entry specifications, including naming, size, and format.

  • Refinement Process: You get two revisions to the draft PDF document. Your feedback guides us to ensure it aligns perfectly with your vision.

  • Seamless Upload: Once perfected, I'll upload your PDF brochure as an attachment, seamlessly integrating it with your written awards entry.


The Final Edit [of your DIY draft]
From AUD 250

Boost your DIY confidence.

If your budget is tight or you prefer to take the reins, it's your ticket to peace of mind before that crucial submission.


How does it work?

Send me your final drafts, and I will thoroughly review them within 48 hours. You can expect detailed suggestions and edits to your written submissions via tracked changes sent conveniently via email or shared drive.


I also review supporting materials, providing comments and suggestions via markup software, allowing you to amend them as you see fit.

You can then take this advice on board, edit your submission accordingly, and submit your entry yourself.

What's not included​?

To clarify, this service is solely for improving your existing writing. The process does not require creating brand-new content or writing responses, meaning revisions are unnecessary.


Additionally, this service does not include research, file creation, one-on-one meetings, creating supporting materials, submission of award entries, or ongoing support.


Website Audit in a week
AUD 97.00 inc GST

We're wrapping up another roller-coaster year, and I want to thank you for being part of Mel Wrote It by helping you stay on your A-Game!


Having a polished online presence is essential, and this audit will ensure it's doing its job.


For just AUD 97.00, I'll review your website with a fine-tooth comb, looking for hidden grammatical errors, functional issues or broken links.


Here's what you can expect:


✅I'll thoroughly check out your site, leaving no stone unturned.


✅ Mobile site and desktop versions checked for functionality.


✅ I'll send you a detailed report with screenshots outlining any issues found for you to rectify.


You can rest easy knowing your site is flawless as we head into the holidays!


Ready to give your website the care it deserves?


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If you'd prefer to get a quote without having an intro call, please complete the below form:

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