Frequently Asked Questions

What's your writing process?

🏆Award Writing Process with Mel Wrote It:

If you're wondering how it all works, here's a step-by-step guide to working with me:



Complete the Quote Form here. 


You will receive a follow-up email containing more info and/or a Client Agreement for further consideration. Once signed, an invoice is triggered.



Once your invoice is paid, you'll receive a link to schedule our Awards Interview on Zoom/Phone where I will ask you the award entry questions in your own words.




You'll receive a checklist of items (images, logo and headshot) if the selection criteria request these.

Note: Some industry-specific awards may require additional info (such as graphs, videos or data), which needs to be provided by you; these will be noted in the checklist. 


I will use your interview responses as the skeleton for the first draft of the written responses and send them to you for your initial feedback and review.


If supporting material is applicable, I will create this in Canva for you and also send it for your feedback/approval.


If any changes, you provide them via tracked changes and comments, and I edit accordingly. We can do this process two times until it's ready for approval.


Once you approve and all info is ready, I'll collate your documents and images and submit them on the Awards Portal (logging in as you) or via email, then email you a confirmation.


Congrats, you're all submitted! Now comes the hard part - WAITING. 😅

The time between submitting your entry and Finalists being announced can draaaag on (not gonna lie) and that space can bring up various feelings - these are completely natural. I'm here to support you through them and remind you how incredible you are. 🎇

I'll check in by email and see how you're going, provide info to support you for any face-to-face Judging (dependent on the awards program) and share vital info and calendar reminders for your convenience.

If that sounds like a something you need YESTERDAY, I'd love to hear from you! 

What awards programs do you have experience with?

​I've written award entries for local, regional, state, and national business awards, such as:

  • Altitude Awards (Women with Altitude)​

  • ­AusMumpreneur Awards (Women's Business School)​ 

  • ­Australian Beauty Industry Awards (ABIA)​

  • Australian Ladies In Business Initiative Awards (ALIBI Awards)

  • Australian Law Awards (Lawyers Weekly)​ 

  • Australian Mental Health Prize (UNSW, Sydney)

  • Australian Small Business Champion Awards (Precedent Productions)​

  • Australian Women's Small Business Champion Awards (Precedent Productions)​

  • Ballarat Business Excellence Awards (Commerce Ballarat)​

  • Belmont Business Awards (Western Australia)

  • BCCI Business Excellence Awards (Busselton Chamber of Commerce, WA)

  • ­Central Coast Business Awards (Business NSW, My Business)​

  • Copy Awards (The Clever Copywriting School)

  • Corporate Counsel Awards (Lawyers Weekly)​

  • Gippsland Business Awards (Federation University) 

  • Hunter Region Business Excellence Awards (The HUB)​

  • Local Business Awards (Precedent Productions)

  • Logan Business Distinction Awards (Logan Chamber of Commerce)​

  • National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA)

  • NSW Women's Lawyers Achievement Awards (WLANSW)​ 

  • NSW Women of the Year Awards WOTY (Women NSW)​ 

  • Peacemakers Awards (Dispute Resolution Centre Australia)​

  • Roar Awards (Roar Success)​ 

  • Tech for Good Awards (Fishburners, NSW Gov, Investment NSW)​ 

  • Telstra Best in Business Awards (Telstra Australia)​

  • ­Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence - WSABE (Parramatta Chamber of Commerce)​

  • Western Sydney Women Awards (Western Sydney Women)​

  • ­Women in Finance Awards (Accountants Daily)​

  • Women in Law Awards (Lawyers Weekly)​

  • Women in Digital Awards 

  • Women to Watch Awards (Beam Magazine)

I'm introverted af, how can I enter awards?

Introverts unite (separately and in a quiet spaces haha)😉

I know the feels of not wanting to stand out whilst despite it being necessary to gain visibility for your brands growth strategy. 

It can be really challenging to talk about yourself and your achievements, especially with a total random, amirite?!

Introvert and ND-friendly options: 

  • I'm more than happy to respond and answer any questions via email only (instead of booking an intro call) 

  • If you book in with me, we can link up for an awards interview via Phone (instead of Zoom) so you don't need to be on camera or setup any extra tech. 

  • No early morning meetings (I usually schedule mine between 11am - 2pm Mon-Fri)

  • Lots of awards programs will now let you enter without needing to attend the awards event in person. Some awards night events also give you the option to elect someone to accept any trophy/award on your behalf. 

  • The cool thing about working with a 'ghostwriter' (nope, I'm not a ghost, just a term for someone who writes on your behalf without anyone else knowing you didn't write it yourself) is that no one will know I've written your award submissions unless you're comfortable sharing that info. 

Image by Annie Spratt

Can you accept or finish another writer's drafts to save time?

Would you like me to use another Copywriters award copy as reference material?

This is one of those unspoken 'rules' of creatives everywhere. Much like a tattoo artist won't copy that rad design you found on Pinterest, I'm uncomfortable copying, mimicking or having access to the IP of other writers. 

I'll respectfully ask you not to share any peer's drafts or finished copies (written award submissions or supporting material created for you) with me to protect their IP and vice versa. Instead, we will begin from scratch to uphold this value. 

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Can you also help me with______ ?

To save your time, firstly, here's what I can't assist with:

  • Social Media Management

  • Content creation and graphic design

  • White papers and dictation services

  • Virtual Assistant (OBM) Admin support

  • Marketing strategy (or LinkedIn strategy)

  • Full-time grant writing (ad-hoc only)

So, who do I recommend could help? 

  • Sourcing a VA - Virtual Assistant

I highly recommend Find a VA run by The VA Institute to source certified Australia-based Virtual Assistants.

  • Social Media Training


Mac & Ernie, Gippsland VIC

  • Social Media Management and Ads 

The Digitial Picnic, Melbourne VIC

  • Grant Specialist

Busy Connecting (Robyn Baker)

Can I have a discount?

Here are a few alternatives (given that I've only just passed my first year in this business):

Payment plans

I'm happy to arrange payment plans and split payments, yet an admin levy will apply to cover the additional transaction fees.


Approved Discounts

Registered Australian charities and First Nations-owned businesses receive 20% off all services (until I'm established enough to volunteer my time)​​​.

Final edit service

If I'm not within your budget yet, you may be interested in my Final Edit service for $200 per draft. Check it out here.

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