Why should you enter business awards?

Awards are the perfect Marketing and PR tool to add to your annual promotion strategy. 

They boost your street cred and trust with customers, clients and investors,  further increasing your visibility in the market. 

Added benefits (apart from entering, becoming a finalist or winning an award) are:

  • Add credibility to your grant applications, pitch deck, media kit or speaker kit

  • Boosted social proof for your marketing activities and website - as an award-winning business!

  • Content ideas for social media, blogs and thought leadership posts

  • Cross-promotion from business award programs

  • Expanding your social and professional networks

  • Media features and guest opportunities

  • New connections amongst your industry or cross-industries

  • Meeting new clients, customers, investors or business collaborators

  • On-page and off-page SEO (backlinks, articles)

  • Professional development opportunities via (some) awards offering masterclasses, workshops and conferences attached to their awards events

  • Travel and experience new places

If you're keen to enter an award but don't have the time or know where to start - I've got your back.

And, YES, you really can outsource all of your award submission writing! 🤩

My expertise

Combining over a decade of corporate admin experience with learnings from launching multiple businesses as a sole trader, always with the same themes of service and/or creativity:

- Freelance Photographer

- Virtual Assistant

- Government Policy Consultant

- Awards Copywriter

- Homelessness Project Founder (Hive Village Project)

These have guided me towards being a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, co-author, and a global awards judge for prestigious programs like the Asia-Pacific Stevies Awards. 

My connections through entering awards far outweigh any results or wins. Many have become friends, mutual clients and networks of inspiring trailblazers, change makers and innovators across Australia. 

There's no better feeling for me than getting goosebumps while I hear a client explain what lights them up, and then I get to support them. 


I get a buzz out of exploring your business journey story, delving deeper to understand your areas of excellence and values. 

Then it's playtime for me as I translate your story into a kickass award submission and be their hype-woman and virtual cheerleader through the process.

​If that sounds like your jam, I can't wait to support you in becoming (or remaining) an award-winning business!

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Option 1 - Award Writing:


Each package includes: 


  • Price includes repurposing for 1 x additional category (with same questions. in same awards program)

  • all correspondence

  • research time and category suggestions

  • onboarding interview 60-90mins (Zoom/Phone)

  • drafting of responses to compulsory questions

  • 2 x rounds of revisions, editing and proofreading

  • creating 1 x supporting PDF (if applicable)

  • repurposing the entry for an additional category (if desired)

  • collating of files (requested via a checklist)

  • submitting your entries online

  • liaising with event coordinators on your behalf in case of any technical issues

  • emailing submission confirmations for your records

  • post-submission support (event reminders)

Why is each awards program quote based?

There are so many variables between each awards entries criteria and process:

  • Word count

  • Quantity of questions

  • Supporting files

  • Interview time

  • Number of categories

  • Time until deadline

  • Rush/weekend work

  • ​Any additional revisions

  • Complex submission processes

Note - The industry average for copywriters is approx $1000 per 1000 words.

Option 2 - Final edit/proof only:

Alternatively, you can opt for a Final Edit/Proof only of your submission-ready file, and I'll do the final check for $200ea.

Important - This service doesn't include any writing or collating multiple drafts into one award submission, it's purely to do these final checks on your final draft before you submit it:

- Grammatically correct 

- Framed correctly to the category

- Answered all the questions as asked

- Responses are clear and concise

- Within word count

If anything is unclear, unfinished or needs rework, I'll leave comments with suggestions for you.


1 x round of revision is included if you'd like me to recheck it once you've updated your draft.  





Option #3 - Online learning:

Psst...I'm working on a sustainable and accessible online program to teach you how to prepare for entering (your first) or multiple awards each year without feeling overwhelmed. 

Waitlist here to get updates!