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This is your step-by-step guide to my standard

Business Award Entry Copywriting Package 2023

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1. Request a Proposal and a Personalized Quote.

Reach out to me to request a proposal and, a client agreement containing all the terms, conditions, and your personalized quote.


Simply fill in the quote form at the bottom of the page to get started.


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2. Easily E-Sign from your device

Once I've prepared your client agreement, I'll send it to your inbox via DocuSign.


With a straightforward e-signature process, you can sign the agreement online from your mobile device. No need for printing, scanning, or using a pen!


It's secure, quick, and, most importantly, environmentally friendly. 


Psst...all my processes are paperless to reduce my carbon footprint. 

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3. Initial invoice and payment

After accepting the agreement, I'll email you your initial invoice for immediate payment (as per pay terms).


Payment options


  • Bank Transfer (no fees)

  • Stripe (fees may apply)

  • PayPal (fees may apply)



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4. Schedule an Awards Interview with Mel

Once I receive your initial payment, I'll share a link to my calendar for scheduling an informal awards interview.


Our interviews are casual and conducted online via Zoom, and I respect your time and energy by limiting meetings to 90 minutes per day.

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5. Attend your Virtual Interview with Mel

As a neurodivergent business owner, I have purposely designed all meetings to be casual, approachable, inclusive, and accessible.


You can choose from various communication options to suit your needs, such as voice notes on WhatsApp, phone calls so you can move around, or Zoom with or without cameras on.


Your comfort is essential, and I'll gladly accommodate any preferences, including having a support person join you and splitting longer meetings across various days.

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6. Checklist and Shared Drive

After our discussion, I'll provide a checklist if any additional information or files (logos, headshot, team photos) are needed.


You can easily provide the requested items through a shared cloud folder accessible via email.


Soon, a password-protected client portal will replace the shared drive for added security.

Shopping Online

7. Timely Drafting and Review Process

I'll start working on your business award entry after the interview, and you'll receive the first draft via email.


You'll have up to 48 hours to review and comment. I'll make revisions and send subsequent drafts for your review if needed (2 x rounds included).

Celebrating New Year

8. Hassle-Free Submission on Your Behalf

Once you're satisfied with the final draft, your written approval via email allows me to submit your business award entry and supporting files on your behalf.


I'll handle the submission process efficiently by logging into the online awards portal.


You'll receive an award entry confirmation via email for added peace of mind.


It's now time to wait for the finalist's announcement. 

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9. Stay Informed with ongoing support

Throughout the awards process, I'll inform you of key dates, send you calendar invites, and stay on the lookout for finalist and winner announcements. 


If included in your program, I'll also provide copies of any pre-made promotional materials, such as social media tiles from the award program host and my award night tips, stored in your share drive folder for easy access.


I'll continue acting as your contact point with the awards coordinators, ensuring a smooth experience up to the awards night.

Red Carpet Event

10. Hassle free repurposing service

You'll be added to my VIP email list and receive special offers and updates on upcoming award programs. 


I'll make the process smoother based on my knowledge of your business and reduced interview and onboarding times.


I offer repurposing rates for all my valued returning clients for subsequent awards bookings, saving you time, money, and the brain space of managing your future entries yourself. 


Once you outsource, you'll see how easy it is to set all your Business Awards, on autopilot!

Request a Quote

If you'd prefer to get a quote without having an intro call, please complete the below form:

Thanks for submitting!

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